Wheels Up
App + Web Redesign

Role: Senior Creative Director
Wheels Up is the leading tech-forward, private aviation company. Shortly after I joined the organization, the product team was tasked with redesigning the app and web experience.

Over the course of 2 years, supported by award-winning agency Fantasy, the team launched a new, personalized way to fly private.

Outdated Legacy App
While the 1.0 Wheels Up app was functional, it lacked many modern elements since it's inception. Navigation was difficult, there were no timely alerts, and relevant content to understand the journey of booking a private jet was scarce.

UX Wireframes & Journey Mapping
The team tackled a multitude of audits and exercises to understand pain points and opportunities for the Wheels Up customer.

UX Wirefames: The new experience started with redesigning sign-in & booking flows as well as experiential messaging, content opportunities and more.

Journey Mapping: The team laid out the end-to-end touch points for the Wheels Up member and non-member – showcasing actions, communications and platforms.

UserTesting & the "Electra" Design System
UserTesting: Direct one-to-one conversations with users helped the team gather qualitative feedback to shape the new experience.
"Electra" Design System: Built in InVisions DSM (Design System Manager) the team used the atomic approach for our new design elements and components. Releasing "Electra" ultimately led to closer parity between design and development.

The new, unified Wheels Up design language.
Simplified Flows, Personalized Alerts & "The Hub" Customer Service Center
After the Discovery and UX phase of the project, the team began finalizing visual designs. We had a focus on ease-of-use, timely notifications and education modules. The result was an app and web experience that exuded clean, modern design and was easy to understand.

The Wheels Up iOS and Android App, redesigned.
Member Experience Across Devices
The Wheels Up experience continues to evolve since being launched. The enormous task of reworking the app and website was a true team effort – including problem-solving a new design system, parity challenges and stakeholder buy-in throughout.

Product Design: Sam Watson, Nikki Whitson
Product Management: Lauren Pfahler, Jason Blitz
Lead Developers: Ryan Thomas, Ozzy Bravard, Ernest Grzybowski

Partner Agency: Fantasy

Download the app – App Store  |  Google Play

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