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PropTech Report Series
Role: Creative Director & Head of Design, Asia Pacific
This PropTech series' visual identity is based on Bauman`s idea of modern liquidity. We wanted a flexible, fluid design system that could address the blend of our 3 topics, or just one – the relation between technology, workplaces and jobs.
Working between teams in Tokyo and Hong Kong, the series grew to a launch across all of Asia Pacific. With its unique look & feel and topical thought leadership, the expansive series continued for 2 years.

TWJ Design System
With its gradient color scheme, the TWJ series could shift focus of depending on the topic of each report. Some reports blended in-between Technology and Jobs, while others could be a focus on all three ideas.

TWJ Report Series & Marketing
The digital and physical marketing created for the report series included print advertising, online banner ads, social media graphics for twitter and WeChat and a landing page on to house the entire series.

TWJ Report Infographics
As the main takeaway of the TWJ flagship report, this infographic needed to quickly grab the viewers attention and be easily digestible. Each quadrant was also used for social media graphics for even more bite-sized information.

Motion Graphics and Illustrations
Designer extraordinaire Matteo Morelli created a series of technical drawings and characters that helped bring the report series to life. Simultaneously serious in tone and playful in color, the illustrations perfectly complimented the written content. Matteo even engaged a motion graphics designer to help bring the striking identity to life.
Design team: Aiko Yokozuka, Ling Chung, Matteo Morelli
Digital lead: Arjan van der Vlies
Leadership team: Jesse Green, Lindsey Sack, Eddie Holder

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