Wheels Up
Search Flights Redesign ("Single Search")
Role: Senior Creative Director
Wheels Up offers the most tech-forward private aviation solution in the industry. The product team helped launch a new way to search for the Wheels Up 2020 membership offering.
The concept was simple: to receive available aircraft and pricing in one "single search"
• Enter and submit your flight details
• Within seconds, receive available dynamically priced aircraft options
• Instantly book and pay the price shown
The team implemented a multitude of updates to the backend to make the flight booking experience feel seamless. With that in place, the frontend needed to be just as elegant.

Member App (Android + iOS)
The single-screen app solution let Wheels Up members easily see booking options and comparison shop without a lengthy, multi-step and screen search experience.

Member Web Site
Design parity on the member website, aligned perfectly to the in-app flow.

Product Design: Sam Watson, Nikki Whitson
Product Management: Lauren Pfahler, Jason Blitz
Lead Developers: Ryan Thomas, Ozzy Bravard, Ernest Grzybowski

Download the app – App Store  |  Google Play

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